Tungsten Rings


PCH Jewelers carries a large selection of Men's and Women's Tungsten Rings. These durable and scratch proof rings are all made in a comfort fit design and come in widths of 6mm and 8mm. The wedding bands are inlaid with Deer Antler, Koa Wood, Abalone, Turquoise and more. We also carry several classic designs for those that want a simple wedding band. 

Tungsten Carbide Rings can give you the look of fine platinum at a fraction of the cost. With the discovery of tungsten carbide, the jewelry industry is finally making a move into the twenty first century. By combining equal parts of two inorganic elements, tungsten and carbon, the result is an amazing metal alloy almost 10 times harder than gold and 4 times stiffer than steel. It is no surprise that tungsten carbide has continued to gain in popularity for use in jewelry manufacturing.